Q. What services do you offer?

A. We provide a clean, comfortable, loving home for residents needing assistance with their Daily Living Activities. We can assist with:


We have friendly, skilled staff available 24 hours a day to ensure residents are safe and comfortable. We take care of all housekeeping, including laundry, and prepare three home-cooked meals on-site every day. We also plan and conduct three structured activities daily. We collaborate with residents, family members, doctors, our nurse, and other staff members to formulate an individualized care plan for each resident, making sure to meet their unique needs.

Q. What does it mean to be a "Memory Care" facility?

A. We are a licensed Alzheimer's Facility. This means that our facility has special features that ensure the safety and security of residents living with Alzheimer's Disease or other types of dementia. We have magnetic locking doors and gates to prevent residents from wandering into unsafe environments. We have special architectural features within the home and grounds that are scientifically-proven to bring comfort to and alleviate anxiety in those living with dementia.

We also have daily activities and procedures that help address their physical and emotional needs. In addition, all our staff members receive ongoing, dementia-specific training to help them best assist our residents. Memory Care does not mean that we have any type of services that will repair or strengthen a resident's memory, it means that we are specially-designed and trained to manage dementia behaviors and to ensure the safety and comfort of those living with these conditions.

Q. Does everyone living in Fountain Hills have Memory Care needs?

A. No. Some residents in our facility have Memory Care needs, and some do not. We do not use separate wings or sections to separate Memory Care residents from other Assisted Living residents. We are a family/community type home and are happy to provide all residents the opportunity to live in a nice, safe, home-like atmosphere, which includes diversity of needs and personalities.

Q. Do you have a Registered Nurse at Fountain Hills?

A. Yes, we do have a Registered Nurse on staff. She is on-site a few hours per week and on-call throughout the week. We are not, however, a skilled-nursing facility. Our nurse's primary role is an administrative one: coordinating care between families, doctors, and Home Health and Hospice agencie; training staff; overseeing all resident care plans; and ensuring medications are administered correctly according to doctors' orders.

Q. Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare?

A. No. Unfortunately, Assisted Living facilities do not qualify for these programs. We are a private-pay facility. There are many Long-term Care Insurance Policies and Veteran's Benefits, however, that can help pay for Assisted Living care.

Q. How much does it cost to live at Fountain Hills?

A. We try to keep rates as affordable as possible while ensuring that we can always provide the absolute best care for our residents. Room prices, which include housekeeping, meals, laundry services, and activities, range between $4,750 and $5,050 per month, depending on the size of the room. There is an additional Level of Care charge added to that ranging from $300-$1,500 per month depending on a resident's specific needs

Q. What are your staff to resident ratios at Fountain Hills?

A. We recognize that providing excellent care really comes down to having outstanding Caregivers who have the time they need to attend to residents' physical and emotional needs. By industry standards, we are absolutely overstaffed, but we are ok with that. Our low staff/resident ratio insures that our caregivers have time to really "be with" our residents, not just "care for" them. A minimum of 2 staff members attend to our 16 residents' needs 24 hours a day. That means that our highest staff/resident ratio is 1/8. During the busier times of the day with the addition of management, housekeeping, our nurse, and extra caregivers, our staffing ratio is as low as 1/3.

A. Honestly, there is something special about us that you will feel when you come to tour our facility and compare it to others. That something is that our primary goal at Fountain Hills is to provide the care to our residents that we would want for our own family members. This means doing whatever it takes to care for our residents' physical and emotional needs.

We have a clean, beautiful facility that allows for a truly home-like environment. We are family owned and operated, which means that the owners are on-site - we get to know our residents, recognize their needs, and have the power to institute immediate changes to policies or procedures or staffing or anything else that will enrich the lives of those we care for.

Our primary focus is to "be with" our residents, not just "care for" them. We ensure that our caregivers have time and resources not only to provide the best care for our resident's physical needs, but also to enrich their lives emotionally as we spend time with them.

You will see caregivers holding resident's hands, playing games with them, talking and laughing with them, hugging them, walking with them... just "being with them". That is what makes us special.